Turk Telekom 400 will use Gbps technology

Turkey’s leading information and communications technologies company Turk Telekom, however, is a first in Turkey to meet the increasing data traffic more quickly, he began to use the 400 Gbps Ethernet technology.Commenting on the issue of Turkish Telecom Technology Vice President Yusuf Kirac, “Turkey have taken an important step to meet more quickly and seamlessly the need for increased traffic in general and became the first Turkish operators using 400 Gbps speed. Thanks to 400 Gbps Ethernet technology, the data stream can be realized 4 times faster. We aim to extend this new technology to the whole country and provide a better customer experience to our subscribers in the near future..

Initially, the only 400 Gbps technology used in Ankara, Turkey, after testing will be extended to all stages.Türk Telekom started to provide faster services by using the 400 Gbps Ethernet Technology by providing the necessary software and hardware updates in the IP network and using the services already given in multiples of 1, 10 and 100.With 400 Gbps bandwidth, approximately 16,000 UHD 4K videos can be watched at the same time, and the content of a 50,000-library library can be downloaded in 1 second. With 100 Gbps bandwidth, approximately 4,000 videos can be watched at the same time, while a library of 50,000 books can be downloaded in 4 seconds.

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