Amazon company is opening to the world

Turkey entered the market in the past months with great expectations but far too much activity can not show is now also preparing to introduce the world to Turkish SMEs. According to the statement made by the Turkish SMEs Amazon Turkey, able to sell the products they want over the Country Manager Richard Marriott, “Today we did the work for the development and empowerment of SMEs to grow from Turkey are launching exports to Europe,” he said. SMEs will be able to export their products to dozens of categories from fashion to home goods, electronics and personal care to Europe with “”.

In addition to the major players in the classic retail backbone of the local business economy of Turkey of products, including England and Germany, where millions of active customers in over 28 European countries, “” will get through.With the launch of the e-export program, SMEs are not only in the categories in “”, but in different categories such as beauty, handmade products or car accessories in the countries where Amazon operates in Europe. many products will be able to Country Manager Richard Marriott said that e-export to Europe is an important turning point for Turkish SMEs.

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