Most recent digital conversion technologies in Turkey

institutions in Turkey digitization journey indicate that they are the most innovative and reliable companion Microsoft Turkey General Manager Murat Gansu, used the following statements in his opening speech: “We have a dream we have established a long time it was more real; We opened the first Microsoft Technology Center of the Middle East and Africa Region in Istanbul. Microsoft Technology Center, which opened in Istanbul after important cities like Paris and Oslo, is a source of pride for our country. This step, showing a strong presence in Turkey since 1993, is a symbol of Microsoft’s confidence in this land and our people. We will accelerate the digital transformation of our partners with our latest technologies powered by the cloud platform. Companies, we carry out in the world and Turkey will make presentation showing examples of the conversion project, we will experience the transformation of ideas from dream to reality. As Microsoft, we invest more than $ 1 billion a year in security technologies worldwide. The data of our customers is protected within the scope of our ethical policies that leave the data domination to the customer completely. Our latest security systems will be on display at the Microsoft Technology Center. ”

Besides the added power of the digital transformation of companies in Turkey, would do well host the product of burgeoning domestic software companies in Turkey Microsoft Technology Center and so on Kansi said they would support Turkey’s exports of software, the words continued as follows: “the solutions at the Microsoft Technology Center We aim to increase the number of our business partners. In our technology center serving the Middle East and Africa Region, business people from abroad will come to meet the new generation technologies developed by our business partners. We will serve as a bridge connecting our local software and domestic solutions with international markets through the international groups we host. We want to make our country a technology attraction center with Microsoft Technology Center, the first technology center of the new generation in the Middle East and Africa Region. Turkey’s domestic software companies in the world with a combo technology inspired by our Center will contribute to that exporting country. “

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