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We are doing a lot of work to give our players a better experience of Artificial Intelligence Defense and Artificial Intelligence Teammate movement / position / reactions. These issues were frequently voiced by our players and were requested for the next version of FIFA: The
renewed Defense System will be renewed with defense systems, position revisions, regulation of compliance and fluency in the field. The emphasis will be on manual defense, and those who do so will get better results.Planned Intervention is a new system that allows the intervening defender to make the appropriate decision for the team’s situation (for example, grab the ball when interfering or send it to a nearby teammate) and reward the manual intervention.Marking and Double Marking Effectiveness will be reduced, players / Artificial Intelligence Teammates will be kept at a greater distance, reacting more slowly to the change of direction of the dribbling player and automatic interference or automatic obstacle rate will be reduced. This will make manual defense more efficient and more rewarding.

The Improved Close Marking System will be arranged with more agility and precision to reward players who decide to control the defenders.1: 1 Shots will be developed; The easy positions within the penalty area will smash more casts and the hit rate will rise. Empty Castle Positions will be held; players will increase their chances in 1-to-1 positions and will be more likely to score belirt simple goals ├╝zere, as stated in many examples from the community.

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