Amazon did not look at the eyes of employees

A very interesting move came from the technology giant Amazon. Amazon Game Studios terminated dozens of jobs during the week of E3 and also canceled multiple projects, according to Jason Schreier of the game site Kotaku.If the subject is about Amazon representative made the following statement: “Amazon Game Studios is currently developing the New World, Crucible games and yet unannounced re-organize some of our team to give priority to new projects. These moves are the source of our changing and long-term priorities of the business planning cycle we adjust to fit a We work closely with all staff affected by these changes to help them find new roles on Amazon.

Amazon is highly committed to the games and continues to invest heavily in Amazon Game Studios, Twitch, Twitch Prime, AWS, our retail business and other areas within Amazon. Kot they have 60 days to find out, and if they can’t find a suitable position, they will be sent for compensation.Popular names such as Kim Swift, Clint Hocking, Left 4 Dead 2 project leader Tom Leonard and Guild Wars 2 bass designer Eric Flannum are among those layoffs. It is a matter of curiosity about how Amazon will proceed in the future.In my opinion, every brand’s effort to enter the gaming industry is a bit out of place. Popular brands of this kind should focus on developing brand value and business profile in their respective fields. I think that the most unpredictable situation when you want to create competition will damage these brands.

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